Holistic massage Krakow

A holistic view of the human body

Holistic SPA massages are carried out in a specific way - above all they have the task of acting on the human being as a whole. In Zielarnia SPA in Krakow, we do not divide a man as his mind, body, emotions or soul. We treat his organism as one, we want to affect his balance and restore his harmony. Massage is a moment of relaxation for every human being. We care about the comfort and safety of our guests. We devote our time to them, we do not treat them as objects. We watch them closely - emotions, well-being and health. On this basis, we select each treatment individually. We also personalize 100% natural cosmetics, which are made of natural herbal blends, respectively selected, which come exclusively from organic crops.

Our massages have a healing effect on the body - soothe many physical ailments, visibly reduce imperfections on the body, improve well-being and metabolism, enliven, and allow you to gain vitality. This increases the efficiency and productivity of our clients in everyday life. We help to get rid of stress in the body, calm down and put in deep relaxation.