A touch that dissolves tension and relieves stress. Krakow massage in Slavic style.

Manspa ikona


We care about the holistic approach to man - we pay attention to his physical and mental condition, we act in a holistic way on the body, we have extraordinary knowledge in this topic.

Our massages, above all:

  1. they use natural herbs;
  2. they are performed in moistened offices that resemble saunas;
  3. are performed in the company of aromatherapy;
  4. each of them is author's;
  5. each massage is individually matched to the client.

Massages in our SPA allow you to regain the spirit, improve well-being and an unusual sense of freedom from the problems. Massage eliminates internal blockages, allows you to get rid of stress and negative emotions.

> Holistic massage 60 / 90 min 190 / 250 PLN
> Slavic massage 60 / 90 min 190 / 250 PLN
> Herbal massage 60 / 90 min 190 / 250 PLN