Perfect moisturizing and regeneration with natural cosmetics.

Manspa ikona


Our face rituals are unique, available only with us:

  1. we rely on natural cosmetics;
  2. we care about customer expectations - we personalize face care;
  3. we combine therapy with a pleasant manual massage;
  4. We do not use any apparatus.

The rituals begin with a thorough cleansing of the face, the selection of an appropriate cosmetic and a treatment for the skin type. The uniqueness of treatments in our SPA determines the combination of face skin care and the relaxation aspect. A gentle massage of the scalp, shoulder girdle and hands crowning each treatment, allows for full relaxation and tranquility. The state of relaxation that you achieve thanks to special massage techniques will make your face radiant, which further enhances the effects of the care.

> Honey irrigation ritual 60 min 250 PLN
> Holistic soothing therapy 60 min 250 PLN
> Herbal cleansing ceremony 60 min 250 PLN