Vision of our SPA

Zielarnia SPA is a unique, holistic place with a soul. We were created especially for people and their needs. We are opening to a new understanding of the SPA salon. As the only of the few we offer only natural cosmetics made of 100% herbs and plants and professional advice in the field of physical and mental health. We treat the body with great attention, we devote our time to fight stress.

We practice natural massage techniques, we only perform manual therapies and we do not use apparatus treatments. We believe in a healthy approach to life and living in harmony with nature - we are characterized by passion, passion and experience. We meet the needs of man. We want to draw from nature what is the most valuable and pass this knowledge and skill to our guests. 


A holistic approach

Holistics is our passion. Our approach to each client is based on a wider aspect of caring for his physical and mental health. During treatments and massages, we reach the client's soul, look for the causes of his problems and try to solve them. Poor mental health easily translates into physical health problems. We want to restore the balance to his life and clean it mentally. We focus on the whole - the body, emotions and soul are for us unity.

We will restore harmony and good energy to it, we choose appropriate massages, treatments and herbal cosmetics. We value the influence of water on human health, as well as natural cosmetics and herbal therapy. We become aware of the importance of eating health, avoiding stress, practicing sports and accepting oneself.


Relaxation and care

You are the highest priority for us. The client's good, his comfort and a sense of security are in the first place. We carry out all treatments and massages unhurriedly, with exceptional sensitivity and emotions, we focus on every centimeter of the body, we try to stimulate every nerve to act. We accompany the client on the go inside. We run it, we talk with it. We help him create his new image.

All treatments are performed accurately, calmly and slowly. Therapists focus on the human body, on the flow of his energy and on providing him with a sense of comfort. We care especially for the other person - we are trustees of problems, we can advise, properly relax the body and stimulate the body to act. We offer broad consultancy in many spheres of life.